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The Deep Sleep Enhancer

Closed Loop Sleep Tracking Sleep Enhansing

The most efficient sleep for everyone

BRLAB provides a platform that enables advanced level of sleep analysis and sleep improvement solutions. It helps people to have better sleep experiences without changing lifestyle. The solutions are based on AI powered algorithm with the highest level of reliability and unique sleep enhancing technology which are scientifically proven and patented.

AI Powered

Cloud Based

Scientifically Proven


Contactless Sleep Sensing

AI-based algorithm detects real-time changes in bed and deeply monitors the user’s sleep.

Collect vital signs and sleep information with the highest level of accuracy.

99 %

Heart Rate Variability Accuracy

92 %


97 %

Sleep Apnea (AHI) Accuracy

82 %

Sleep Stage

95 %

Sleep Posture

Deep Learning Based Vital and Sleep Data Sensing

Automatic Deep Sleep Enhancing

The bedding synchronizes with user through sub-threshold level vibration bio-feedback.

The synchronization activates the user's parasympathetic nerve system and enhances deep sleep.

116 %

Times higher Parasympathetic
Nerve Activity in Deep Sleep

146 %

Synchronization Rate For Autonomic Nerve Activity During SWS Sleep

278 %

Times higher in Memory
Consolidation Test Score


Enhancing Deep Sleep

Strengthen Memory Consolidation

Posture Correction for Sleep Disorders

Relieve Sleep Apnea and Insomnia Symptoms

Reduce Snoring

Maintain Synaptic Homeostasis

Dementia Prevention

And More


Data-driven Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Protocol

Automatically analyzes various data in everyday life.
Based on the accumulated data, we provide Cognitive Behavioral routine service for healthier life.

benzamin - PaaS

We also provide "Platform as a Service"

Embed anywhere
Algorithm, HW, SDK, API, and so on

benzamin Cloud also can be integrated with digital healthcare service, smart home, and hospital service easily.